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Very VERY excited! Last night hubby and I booked our tickets to take an Alaskan cruise in June! We’ll fly out the day before and visit my cousins in Seattle, then board the ship the next day. We’ll be cruising fjords and glaciers, and hopefully catch some of the whales we missed on our honeymoon! This will be our first big trip since Hawai’i actually, so we’re really looking forward to getting away. The timing throws off our Key West plans, but I’d much rather see the Keys NOT during spring break, so that works out fine. The only problem is, June is SO FAR AWAYYYYY… *whine*

In other news, today is my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers and I lost… *drumroll please* ONE WHOLE POUND! I have no one to blame but myself- I have not made the best food choices the last three days, but I decided to consider it a “forever” pound- I will never see that pound or that weight again. I also discovered that the Gatorade I was guzzling after cardio was putting the points right back on, so I now have Crystal Light peach tea instead. I have to give myself some allowances for re-learning and a new system.

Sadly, I am having problems with stiff necks and migraines again. I’m juggling pillows and using my mouth guard again in case I’m clenching my teeth, but I need to remember to take a muscle relaxant before bed- it is probably the unfamiliar exercise (and stress, of course).

I made one of my staff go home yesterday when I found out that he had a fever. I gave him a little lecture for coming in at all, and sure enough he’s home sick today. I know it’s hard on hourly, but better to rest a little now than lose a lot of work later (or get everyone else sick).

Not much else going on- work is still busy and I’m in the middle of conducting interviews. Going to stop after work to buy cat food to appease our feline overlords and maybe stop by a craft shop to check the bead situation there- that reminds me to check for coupons. My ankle is still a little wobbly but getting better. My insides are still unhappy but I am dragging my feet about calling the doc- it just seems like something I should be able to beat on my own unless it is a side effect from my meds and I’ve had no changes there. I wonder if it is tied to stress, like the migraines. If it keeps up much longer tho’ I’ll have no choice but to call the docs- it’s wearing me down.

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