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Yes, it’s time for the inevitable end-of-the-year review. The last few years have been a health roller-coaster, and digging for the silver lining gives me some hope for 2010.

2007 was the year we found out What Was Wrong. Treatment of my thyroid dysfunction progressed slowly. I was chronically fatigued and planning my wedding. In our November wedding pictures I am over 190 lbs.- by the end of the year I topped 200.

In 2008 we fine-tuned my thyroid treatment and I made significant progress. We also had a breakthrough in my migraine treatments. These changes combined allowed me to be more active and focus on my overall health. I lost 20 pounds and had hopes for a better year ahead.

2009 has been a setback. We finally determined that my increasing exhaustion and pain were unrelated to my thyroid and were in fact caused by rheumatoid arthritis. I gained back almost everything I had a lost in 2008. Having a sure diagnosis and starting treatment has helped somewhat, and I hope to end the year at 190 or less.

Why the fixation on my weight? Especially with so much joint pain, I feel every extra pound. A sprained ankle at work had me on crutches for a while this fall and it was terrible. Building muscle strength and flexibility will help my range of motion and hopefully help manage the pain associated with RA. And I just want to know that I am doing everything in my power to make myself feel better- my goal for 2010 is to lose 10 pounds and get back to where I was end of 2008. Wish me luck!


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