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So, I am making a concerted effort to figure out Tumblr and have decided to make it a photo extension of this blog. The pics are mostly nature and inspirational (kind of a “Best of the Best” from my We Heart It feed and other shinies I find around the web, but with better attribution, I hope). If you’re into Tumblr then please swing by and let me know what you think- I am still getting the hang of the whole reblogging thing. Once I’m a bit more comfortable with it I will probably link directly to it from this blog somewhere.

Of course, since I’m not involved in enough social bookmarking, I applied for the Pinterest beta. It looks like a nice mesh between something like Tumblr or We Heart It and something like, say, Kaboodle. It’s the whole lack or difficulty of tagging/organising that eventually loses my interest in most of these tools, and this looks like it might be a logical middle ground. We shall see if I get into the beta and, if so, how it actually works in practise.

Blah, blah, web blog geek talk. I never thought that blogging would become it’s own hobby.


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As I read other blogs I become more critical of my own. Am I too wordy? Do I need to break text into smaller chunks? Use more bullets? Use more pictures? I write this for myself, but no author can resist the vanity of having someone else read what they write (blog stats are my new addiction- much more interesting than watching any sport you can name). Just one of those itchy thoughts that resurfaces occasionally…

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So, it’s time to get a little meta about my blogging. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now, and aside from my old LiveJournal days this is the longest I have been able to stick to a semi-regular posting schedule. Maybe because I have just such a backlog of stuff in my head related to my health, or maybe because it’s something I deal with daily so there’s always something going on and it’s often on my mind. But, happily, the blog seems to be achieving my main goal of getting this stuff out of my head, and I do feel better for it.

Getting involved with online communities like But You Don’t Look Sick? and ChronicBabe have helped a lot too- reading blogs and sharing with other folks who have similar experiences has been a huge help. I now need to start getting a little braver about sharing this blog with people I see day-to-day, though. The first of my circle of friends and family to see this was actually my personal trainer, who is also a close friend. She is familiar with my health challenges and we work on flexibility and increasing my muscle strength to help deal with the pain and mobility issues associated with RA.

Ironically, I’m having a harder time sharing this with family. It’s not that they don’t know about my health issues, but there is definitely a filter of how much I share with whom, and this may be opening up parts of my experience that I haven’t shared yet.¬† It’s much easier to share with anonymous web folks, or web friends who do not know me “in real life”. This blog is much more personal than anything I post to Facebook or Twitter, and keeping this separate from my existing online activities gives me a safe place to explore the ups and downs of a constantly changing experience. I hope to stick with this for as long as it helps me sort through my feelings and share the good bits, as well as the not-so-good things.

A few random things:

  • I’m finally beginning to shed the Thanksgiving weight! Maybe I can do some walking today to help it along.
  • There are a lot of definitions of chronic pain out there, so I think this is the one I will use when I’m trying to explain things:

Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain, which can be either continuous or recurrent and of sufficient duration and intensity to adversely affect a patient’s well-being, level of function, and quality of life [R]. http://www.guideline.gov/summary/summary.aspx?doc_id=12998

  • Somewhere I saw a four-level chart for chronic pain, based on how much the pain interferes with daily activity. I remember coming in around II or III- forced to limit hobbies and some change in work behaviour. Has someone seen this scale or have a link? It’s driving me crazy that I can’t find it again. That’s what I get for not saving the link.
  • And yay, Saturday! I slept until almost 9:30, (10 hours!) which was truly delicious. Sadly, it wasn’t unbroken sleep, but I really needed the extra rest. While the rain may make me ache, I do love listening to it while I’m falling asleep- it’s a very soothing sound.
  • I got the lights up in the front window and the garlands on the tree last night, so today I can actually start hanging ornaments. Pictures will follow!

I have been having more problems than usual with clumsiness this week. Stiffness in the morning, especially if I didn’t sleep well, certainly contributes, but it’s still frustrating. I have managed to inflict some minor injury on myself every day so far. I now have bruises on both knees from walking into things, and even managed to cut myself with my won thumbnail (I still haven’t figured that one out- I hardly have any nails to begin with!). I’m hoping this is just related to the cool, damp weather and will ease off soon.

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