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  • There is no warm water in the lavatory at work- only cold water. Cost-effective, I assume, but the cold water makes my hands ache. And since I drink insane amounts of water, I have to wash my hands 12 times a day.
  • Isn’t it bad enough that my immune system is attacking healthy bits of my body, but do I have to have a pimple on the end of my nose, too? Come on- I look like a teenager after a bag of Doritos on prom night!
  • A drop of water on my blouse. *I* know that it’s only water, but until it dries everyone thinks I’m a Neanderthal who doesn’t know how to eat like a civilized person. Annoying x2: drop of water on my blouse “in a prominent place”, because it it is absolutely un-ignorable.
  • It amazes me how quickly my hair can go from “Gee, I like this!” to “OMG! I need to dye my hair NOW!”
  • Doesn’t really makes my life difficult except for my blood pressure, but: “Please contact Malcom and I”. NONONONONONONO! It’s “Please contact me or Malcom”. The English teacher rages…
  • Doctors who use different lab scales. I feel like the child of divorcees, going back and forth saying “But Mom said this… But, Dad said this…” Thankfully, once everyone is updated they get along, but it’s four days of stress I really didn’t need.

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