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Honestly, there are some days when it is almost impossible for me to find the positive. Thankfully, my husband has the remarkable talent for making me laugh when I want to cry, and for reminding me how much awesome life has squirrelled away.

Take shopping lists for example.

Asking him to put anything on the list opens a suite of random possibilities that will catch me off-guard and have me howling in the aisle at the grocery. Prime example: I had written “Iron”, so I’d remember to pick up more supplements to manage my anemia. What did it read by the time I got to the cashier? Iron Man Suit. My snort of realisation startled the staff, and I have discovered that trying to explain these little explosions sometimes backfires, since not everyone appreciates the particular brand of humour we share in our household.  (But, man, if I could get one of those I so would!)

One of the joys of feline companionship is, inevitably, cleaning up after hairballs. As such, we go through a stupendous about of Resolve carpet cleaner.

What does our current grocery list now read?

  • Resolve – “they were iron, they were hard, they were resolved, no…”

(Name that movie!)

Cat food is always spelled Cat Fud or Gooshy Foods.

Fish is always “feesh“.

If you get even half these references, then you acknowledge that our geekdom covers a wide range of genres. It is little inside jokes like this that get me through the day.  ❤


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