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Alternate Title: Headcolds in the Office

I have been sick pretty much non-stop for three weeks now. I’m not sure if I relapsed or picked up a new bug when I went back into work, but right now any day without a nosebleed is a win. I am sure the family will be thrilled to have my stuffy-headed mumbling at the dinner table Thursday. To top it off, the fire alarm went off at work and we had to evacuate- into the rain. I had my umbrella but not my sweater and by the time I found shelter to put on my poncho I was already wet. *curses and shakes fist* I am looking forward to Thanksgiving however, if only for a four-day weekend where I (hopefully) won’t be too sick to enjoy it.

I go back to the urologist next week for the results of the kidney stone biopsy. I had an x-ray of my digestive system done but I won’t have those results until I see the doctor. Wish me luck!

Honestly not much else is going on. Hubby and I ended up having a nice dinner-and-movie for our ten year anniversary despite me being a sodden lump, and then we were able to drag our friends out the following weekend for the same by arranging a babysitter at our house (MIL to the rescue!). It’s only their second date without the baby since he was born, and he just turned two!

I still cannot find my fitbit anywhere and now wonder if it fell off somewhere rather than been stolen by the cat. The second option is still the more likely, but I just can’t find it anywhere. If I replace it that’s the sure way to find it again… *grumble*

Speaking of gifts, I am belatedly getting my gift-giving list together, thanks to people’s wishlists. It might be “cheating” but I’d much rather get someone something they want rather than a wild stab in the dark at the last minute thanks to cold medicine. I would like to try holiday cards this year- especially for New Hampshire family since I just visited them, so hopefully the long weekend will give me a jump-start for that… *crosses fingers*


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