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Meow-y Catsmas!

Our gift to each other this year was to expand our feline family and open our home to a brother and sister:

Introducing Pilot and Navigator (Navi)! They are 5 months old and VERY affectionate! They both like to curl up on your shoulder and have their bellies petted (especially Navi!). They will stay in our bathroom for a day or two until they get used to their new surroundings, and then we will let them explore our bedroom and the cat tree there. I joke that since both my parents and my sister have black-and-white cats, clearly we needed some of our own! Poor Lucas, lol!

Here’s one of a sitting-pretty-kitty:

Such a long tail!


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Or so I must imagine due to the things that come out of my mouth on a regular basis:

  • Hey! Hey! I don’t know who started it, but I’m stopping it! (to break up a cat fight)
  • Zack, stop yelling- we’re in here! (to a cat yowling by himself in another room)
  • Oof! Lucas, you are much too warm/heavy for my lap right now.
  • We’re out of food *again*? Where did it all go?!
  • No, no treats before dinner!
  • I do NOT need company in the bathroom!
  • Ugh, Zack, it’s 5 am, shut up!
  • Okay, which of you left this mess on the floor?

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Wishing for Sleep

These will be the hardest mornings to track- not because I’m not awake or that there aren’t health issues to discuss, but because I feel terrible and would really rather think about anything else. Unfortunately, despite feeling somewhat better yesterday I was up half the night coughing, and I’m having an unpleasant reaction to the antibiotics. I’m not particularly tired, but also not fit for public, so I will stay home from work today. I had planned on writing something amusing about how my body seemed to be taking turns between being sick and joint pain, but I had what can only be called a “creeping flare” build up yesterday afternoon that made my evening unpleasant. I’m still struggling with how to talk about these issues, although e-mailing back and forth with my sister is helping a lot. I also heard from my best friend for the first time in months yesterday (we have both been busy with no real news) and I realized that she had not heard of the RA diagnosis yet, so I had to break that to her. She’s confused about how I can be so young and develop arthritis- I really didn’t know what else to say other than “it happens”.

I must say, having a purring cat curl up with me made the wee hours of the morning much more pleasant- cats are great medicine.

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