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Things I Want…

Well, I absolutely overdid things yesterday. probably do some stretching today but otherwise take it easy to recover. We have about one more day’s worth of yardwork on the front beds for next weekend. It really looks awesome, however!

Had an “at-home” date night. Picked up California Chicken Grill (omg- so good! Although their potato wedges have gotten super-spicy, wow!) and rented “Despicable Me” and “Sherlock Holmes”. The first had a few moment, but we did not enjoy it nearly as much as our friends did, apparently. Holems is always fun- I do hope they make a second that is just as good!

I am trying to build several new habits at once with somewhat erratic results. Things I need to work on:

  • …to remember to stretch my hamstrings before getting on the elliptical. I’m having trouble making this a habit.
  • …to walk in the Corporate 5k on April 14. I have registered and will start walking twice a week with co-workers starting Monday.
  • …my GP to see some progress at next month’s appointment. If exercise and diet bring down my inflammation even a little, I might be able to take two less supplements a day. If it brings down my cholesterol, I could thin out as many as seven daily supplements. That would be teh awesome. A little weight loss to show off would be nice, too.
  • …to remember to floss a little more often.

I am thinking of making a weekly checklist so I can keep track of what I’m doing on what days and in what order. I could easily go overboard with this, so I’m holding off for now.

It was quite foggy when I woke up this morning- you could hardly see the homes on the other side of the pond. The fog has since burned off and the pond is mirror-still (something I’m not sure I’ve seen before). There is a very elegant Great Blue Heron posing at th edge of the pond, slightly marred by the Ibis bobbing around it’s knees. I suspect that Ibis are the Three Stooges of the waterbird world.

One of the Ibis. Our grass is not nearly so green right now- the repeated freezes have made everything brown and has done a job on our palm tree.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the heron yet- a Stork came along (probably the only bird larger than the heron in these parts other than the Sandhill cranes) and there seems to have been a territory squabble. The stork flew off however, so I’ll try again in a bit.


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