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I’ve been having a couple of really rough days. I’ve been keeping on keeping on, but just barely. There are signs that something is out of whack and I’m not sure that I can hold out another two weeks until my next doctor’s appointment to figure out what is up. So that’s why I’ve been light on content lately.

  • Apparently, origami is my new craft fiend. I love papercrafts and go through phases, so I’m not too surprised that I’m back to origami again. Scherenschnitte (German paper cutting) is one of my favourites, but tiny scissors and exacto knives are not my friends at the moment, so this is a happy medium (in all senses of the phrase).
  • I freak out when I have zero hits on my blog- I wonder if there’s some technical issue that I don’t know about. One hit and I’m perfectly happy. I am a dork.
  • I have been playing Shakes & Fidget. A lot. A LOT. It is a great way to pass the time, and even funnier if you’ve ever played WoW.
  • I made a cucumber salad for a work party. I love cucumber salad, and this time I remembered to get double fixings so I can make one just for me, woo! I use red, orange, and yellow peppers- very pretty and summery (as well as tasty!).
  • No one has commented on my hair. I mean, yeah, the cut is nothing new, but I thought that the colour is fun. Oh well.
  • Tuesday I went home early and slept for three hours, got up for a few more and then slept another eight hours and still felt like drek. Drek I tell you.
  • I wish that I had shaved my legs before wearing a knee-length skirt yesterday. I’m sure no one noticed but me, but I KNEW. (And no, I still haven’t shaved…)
  • Lucas has been Cuddly McCuddlecat lately. I love my teddy bear cat. Zack is still a whiny b******.
  • Hopefully having dinner with a friend tonight. Ooo! Going out on a worknight!
  • I am looking forward to the three-day weekend. Not as excited about the fireworks, since what I really want is sleeeeep.
  • Crazy dreams last night featured tiny kittens. I took one and put it in my bag to take it home, heh.

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