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So, my ongoing power struggle with the ants continues. My feet are healing from the last dastardly attack, just in time for a home invasion!

Now, to be fair, it’s entirely the cats’ fault. Lucas and Zack decided that the best part about the vet advising gooshy food twice a day is the gravy- they lap it up and leave the meat bits to dry in their dishes. It was inevitable that some sort of insect would find the stinky food dishes, eventually. Sadly, it was my natural enemy, the red ant, that found the food first.

Hubby noticed the ants while I was cooking and embarked on an ant elimination offensive- first cleaning up the cat food (and liberally sprayed crumbs, because they’re dainty little flowers like that), then spraying and sweeping, and then running interference to keep the cats away from the sprayed areas. (Btw- cats are back to soft food only once a day- gluttonous little heathens. Evening only so maybe we can de-train the early morning Gooshy Food Entitlement Society. HA! As if that will work. *sigh*)

I was greatly appreciative of his efforts on my behalf, since I had already contracted an ant bite on the underside of my foot, right on the arch. I won’t describe what a joyous bundle of rapture THAT is!

It all finally motivated me to contact my PCP and request an Epi-pen. While I have several allergies that could conceivably cause me to stop breathing, this is the first time I’ve ever carried my own pen (yes, I know this is dumb and what took me so long, etc. Point is, I’m doing something about it now). The rationale from a good friend: “If this is how you react to regular ant bites, what if it was FIRE ANTS?” So, yeah, fear of G-d and whatnot.

Thankfully, we appear to have stemmed the tide and finally addressed just how whipped we are by the cats, all in one swell foop.

Oh, and doc’s advice when she heard about the bites on my feet? “Wear closed shoes in the yard.” I had to point out that I was. *Seethes in righteous indignation*


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