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It’s been hard for me to admit that I can’t always do things the same way as I used to and that I have to make changes. Last year I invested in a desktop computer at home so I would not have to lug my work laptop back and forth every day. This has been a big help for my back, shoulders, elbows and hands (all of which are affected by the rheumatoid arthritis). However, I’ve had to make a few other changes that are a bit frustrating:

  • I now use chunky pens or add a padded grip when I know that I will do a lot of hand-writing, otherwise writing makes my hands ache and I drop the pen more frequently. I would like to find some prettier pens or grips for this purpose.
  • The glass tumbler I use to take my morning medication has been swapped for a plastic cup. Again, my grip isn’t what it used to be, especially first thing in the morning, and I came close to dropping the glass a few times before I admitted that it just wasn’t a good idea any more. I’d like to find a smaller, prettier plastic cup, preferably with a handle, but everything I’ve found so far is too small (child-sized) or too large (my current issue).
  • I now carry two pill cases- a large round case with my daily vitamins (2″ diameter and 1″ deep with a screw cap- quite handy) and a smaller, divided pill case with my pain medications. I’d like one, large, pretty pillcase, but any nice ones are half the size, and I prefer to only fill my cases once a week. I may have to settle for a compromise here- two smaller, pretty cases. This leads back to the subject of this post, however…

A couple weeks ago I finally admitted that my messenger bag just really wasn’t a good idea any more. It is a big, floppy bag that I adore and refer to as my “Bag of Holding” (geeks represent!). Unfortunately, large bags collect all sorts of things: sweaters, water bottles, snacks, frozen lunches, miscellaneous electronics, cats, etc. and all that can get quite heavy. I downsized to a nicer purse for work to force myself to carry less odds and ends, and while it is effective, I miss having the space when I need it (I tend to swap back for weekends, especially if I’ll be on the road). Despite the purging the new bag is still somewhat on the heavy side, and now smaller items are not as accessible. Those pretty pill cases are metal, rather than the light plastic I use now, so I would just be adding to the weight issue.

If you struggle with a heavy bag, how do you address the issue? I’m open to suggestions and links to any useful products online. Thank you!


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