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Adventures in MRIs

So the MRI went as well as can be expected yesterday, despite the apparent inability of my doctor’s office to send a fax. Not sure what the issue was- I got part of the story and it sounds like they sent it twice to the wrong place, despite confirming the fax number with me. Oy. Thankfully we got it sorted out.

It’s been exactly 18 years since my last MRI (for my knee when I was 18), so I’m right on track for only doing this once every 18 years. Yes, I will beat this lame joke into the ground, but I found the coincidence funny, so you get to suffer. MRI technology has come a long way since then: headset with music (I chose 80’s), more comfortable bench, smaller machine (I don’t consider myself claustrophobic, but my last experience in the belly of the beast was NOT pleasant).

Unfortunately, the MRI itself was very painful. Take a painful art of your body. Put it in an uncomfortable position. Hold absolutely still for 30 minutes. Move it into another painful position. Hold it for another 30 minutes. I also apparently had successfully repressed how incredibly loud the darn thing is. I was drained by the time they were done and pretty much collapsed on the couch with an ice pack for a few hours. I’m tired today but my ankle isn’t any more sore than it normally is. I may have results as early as today, but since my doc’s office closes at noon on Friday, I doubt that I will hear anything before Monday.

I can safely say that if I don’t need to do this again for another 18 years, I’d be just fine with that.

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