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Setting Goals

A lot of folks (actually, pretty much everyone) seem to be fascinated with my weight-loss goals. “How much do you plan to lose? How are you rewarding yourself? Yadda yadda? Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge?” I know what they really want to ask so I’m going to put it out there right now…

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 I weighed in at 207 lbs.

There are you happy now?!

Really, it’s not that big a deal, but I when I tell people that I want/need to lose 40 pounds the reaction doesn’t support my plans as much as you’d think. Folks say a lot of nice things (“Oh, that’s too much! You look healthy, you can’t be that overweight! Etc.), but I have lots of important motivation to get to a healthier place and I need to keep on track. Naturally, I’m not going to drop 40 lbs overnight, so here’s my plans for gradual (and hopefully permanent) weight loss and the associated goals:

5 pound loss – WW goal – reward myself with a silver necklace I’ve been eyeing for a while.

3 pound loss – back under 200.

2 pound loss – back to where I was when I was working with my personal trainer just before illness/moving – hair cut/colour (I might swap this with the necklace reward since I really need it done soon).

I’m not looking any further than a total 10 pound loss for now- once I get there I’ll make my next set of goals. The five pounds after that will most likely be a new pill case, however, since I moderately need one and this gives me a reward and an excuse to finally get it. But I have plenty of goals that aren’t numerically-related…

  • My black office jacket should fit better around my upper arms and shoulders.
  • Fit back into existing work clothes I cannot currently wear- especially slacks, since I currently am lazy and wear the same slacks almost every day.
  • Fit into the bathtub better. Seriously.
  • Fit into my current bras better. Also seriously.
  • I will NOT buy a one-piece swimsuit. 197 or lower is back to what I weighed on our honeymoon. If I could wear a bikini then I can wear a bikini again.
  • Look good for our cruise in June.
  • Weigh in at any doctor’s office at under 200. (okay, so that’s a number, I admit.)

And, just to clench the deal- here is my “before” picture from the November work picnic. This isn’t the worst pic, but it’s the only full-body shot. I might wear this outfit every five pounds just as personal comparison tracking…

Btw- I cannot believe how much my hair has grown in two and half months!

I successfully walked 2.2 miles last night, for an average time of 19.1 minutes per mile. Not too bad considering my ankle is still bugging me and I had the ankle brace on. Tired and sore today, but at least I earned my aches and pains for once! Hopefully tomorrow it will be a little easier.


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