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So, I heard back from my GP on my last round of tests, and the new treatment is definitely reducing my inflammation as far as my RA is concerned. I know that I have been having less joint pain, but there is something comforting about the doctor seeing numbers so it’s not only my subjective reporting. Unfortunately, at the time I went in I was experiencing some fierce allergies and felt as if it was moving up into my sinuses. My doctor assured me it was just allergies, but two days later he put me on antibiotics because, sure enough, sinus infection. And, of course, there are the side effect from the antibiotics. Bah. Things are slowly clearing up, but I will be very glad to be past all this.

Another item that came out of these last tests is that yes, my cholesterol is still high. It has been for several years and one of my medications ups my cholesterol level, but now that the big issues are mostly stable we’re trying to get this under control as well. This has caused me no small amount of angst, since I already deal with several dietary restrictions, so it is very hard to determine where else to cut back or swap out. Dairy? Very little and only low-fat/no-fat, I’m lactose intolerant. Lots of red meats? Nope- I gave my red meat a very long time ago. Omega-3’s? I’ve been taking a daily flax oil for months now. So, I’m trying to be even more conscious of what I eat and the Omega-3’s will be taken with every meal, and trying to get a bit more regular about my cardio.

We also discovered that my triglycerides are extremely high as well. Woo! A new thing to research! Until I discovered that triglycerides are in carbs. All those¬† dietary restrictions above? Means that carbs are one of my few comfort foods. I already focus on whole grains as much as possible and don’t eat much rice or pasta, so this is particularly stressful food-wise. This stress apparently was lurking around my subconscious last night, because I dreamed that the doctor told me to give up SODA. Considering I have only have one soda a day and it is my main treat, I rushed to the computer this morning to check my e-mail to make sure it wasn’t true. Really, if I had to cut back my caffeine any more (essentially giving it up) I would be a very sad panda. Maybe my subconscious was trying to put cutting back on carbs in perspective?


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