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O, Insomnia!

(sung to the tune of Oklahoma!, of course!)

Well, after being awake for 18 or so hours yesterday I finally couldn’t stay up any more and crashed at 8:45-ish. So, of course, I was up at 4:45 am this morning, but at least I got almost eight hours sleep (despite really weird dreams which I blame on hubby for doubling the blanket over me like a double-wrapped burrito). Transferred to the blue couch for a while and dozed but woke with a very stiff jaw- I must have been clenching again. *sigh*

All things considered however, I’m doing pretty well. But wait! I can hear you now: “But, Elisabeth! Your insomnia is acting up, you have trouble opening your jaw far enough to eat, your sprained ankle is still painful and who knows what’s going on with your heel, and you’re losing strength in your fingertips! How can that be  good?”

And right here is where it becomes clear how a spoonie life is different from others, because it’s all a matter of degree. I walked four miles so far this week. FOUR MILES. That is amazing to me. While I’ve been tired and it’s triggered my insomnia, I don’t feel like someone dropped a bag of bricks on me. In fact, I’m seriously considering walking TWO MORE miles today! This, more than anything else, shows me that I’m making some progress. The pounds are shaving off very slowly, but more energy? It’s AWESOME.

Of course, I’m worried about overdoing it- this is a very fine tightrope between exertion and conservation, but boy- I really needed a couple of better days after the last few weeks! It gives me hope for my doctor’s appointment later this month.

Anyway, yesterday I used some of my accrued overtime to leave work an hour early (I was pretty zonked) and do a few errands. It turns out that the bead shop across from where I work now appears to be closed. I did finally hunt down a lovely briefcase a coworker acquired and found a purse that I like even more instead. I also swung by the Asian Market (which was open after all) and bought lots of yummy goodies for myself. The owner is always super-helpful in pointing out veggie options since she knows that I don’t eat pork- it’s dangerous!

Today I am probably going to return to the last craft store I visited for more beads- I have more project ideas- it’s getting a little crazy! I also need to get replacement toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush (which I love more and more every day!). Then most of my errands will be done so I can be super-lazy over the weekend (well, except for yardwork, of course!)

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Sitting Still

WordPress is not my friend. It just ate 20 minutes worth of article, so you get summaries. I am displeased. And tired.

Tough morning. I woke up for my 5 am meds with a stiff neck and a headache, and an achy jaw. I’m really hoping to not have to sleep with the mouth guard every night, but it’s much better than battling a migraine all morning. I’m more light-sensitive than usual and trying to keep things from escalating. Also, stretching my calf (still recovering from yesterday’s charleyhorse) appears to have aggravated my hands, elbows and shoulders (cooler weather again doesn’t help). There’s just no winning this one. I carpooled and passed on a fun, optional event at work. Sad, but necessary.

I’m getting better at getting up every 10-15 minutes and stretching or walking around. I make a lot of popping noises, which is kind of funny (but not really).

I am looking very closely at this. I dreamt the other night that I had an iPad, but an iPad just doesn’t do everything that I want. I may try it hands-on in the store. Waiting for some friend feedback as well.

I was annoyed but am now resigned that neighbours are already putting out their holiday lights. I am firmly in the camp that you do not decorate until the first of the month in which the holiday occurs and you take down your decor on the first day of the next month. I am clearly in the minority here.

I dyed my hair red-purple last night. I almost didn’t since my shoulders were so stiff and sore, but if I was going to take a bath anyway, why not dye my hair? Unfortunately, I did not do the best job. I am calling it deliberately unintentional highlights- if it ends up bothering me too much I’ll touch up tonight. One of my co-workers flattered me by saying it looked very anime, however, so I’ll prolly keep it.  ^.^

I did also get the guest sheets put away last night, but added vaccuuming and dishes to my to-do list. At least I’m breaking even!

I was highly amused on my way into work today: Deathly Hallows fans chalked all over campus last night. I followed a long string of “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” to my building which ended in a DH symbol. Also, I work in the Library, which was labelled ” Restricted Section”. That got a LOL out of me.

Lunch time. Yay!

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