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This week has been brutal work-wise. I have been packed solid 4-6 hours every day this week, which doesn’t leave much time to get actual work done. In good news, we finished interviews and made a hiring decision- I really like the candidate and think he’ll be a good fit all around. I wish I could hire two, though- another candidate was very good, also.

I have two more days of the work marathon but I’m not sure that I’m going to make it- my body is just run down and we’ve had our first really cold weather of the season. I’ve been trying to salvage a few spoons by getting to sleep earlier, but it hasn’t been enough, so I’m making a few accommodations.

On Decorating:

I’ve decided to forgo garlands on the tree this year. I usually put up strings of silver stars and red wooden “berries”. As much as I love them, it’s tough on my arms and shoulders, even with hubby’s help. Since I’ve basically decorated the tree exactly the same for the last few years, this will force me to mix it up a bit- not necessarily a bad thing. If I find myself really regretting it, I can plan ahead for it next year.

On Stuff:

I have some lovely flocked ornaments that were passed on to me by a friend. They’re gorgeous jewel tones but just too large for our tree, and I don’t want to hang them outside since they are glass. So I’ve carried them around and stored the boxes for a couple years now. I am going to check and make sure she doesn’t want them back, and if not try and find a new home for them- if I’m not using them they’re taking up space in an already-crowded closet. I may hang them at work though- just need to get them from the trunk of my car.

On Cards:

I really love doing holiday cards- I was so disappointed the year that I could only do a few. However, I have to admit that it’s probably what’s been causing my cubital tunnel issues to flare. I have a few folks who I haven’t heard from in a  couple years, and if I don’t this year I will probably wean them from my card list. I really can’t simplify the card process any more than I already have, so it’s down to a shorter list. Since I will have written about 70 cards this year (really!) that is probably only sane. I will still be sad about it, however, although I’ll be glad once this flare dies down and my hands stop buzzing.


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At some point in the last two weeks I blew past my 500th post and keep forgetting to acknowledge it. *throws confetti!*

Work, well, continues to be work. In hopeful news I have been approved to hire at least one more full-time position. Beyond the initial paperwork hurdles, I hope to only be minimally involved in the interviewing and hiring- strange to divorce myself from the process, but my team is getting large enough that I have that option. If the second position is approved I will be much more involved since it is a different employment class. Busy, busy! Mostly, if I can keep up my productivity levels all this week I might just catch up. Maybe.

In other news, the first bookcase is put together and already in the box (soon to be book!) room! Hopefully we can work on the second one today. Once we load up the shelves we’ll have a better idea how many more bookcases we’ll need (if any). Newly-emptied boxes will be moved to the crawl space to free up closets- yay! I am VERY excited about this! We still have a few boxes floating around in other rooms that I hope will be consolidated thereafter. (Yes, I just used “thereafter” in a sentence- I was an English major, so I can do that!).

I have progressed from waking up Exhausted to walking up merely Extremely Tired. I see the endo this afternoon for the final nod on my new prescription. I am hoping for improvement soon- I am such a mess when my thyroid is off and it takes so long for change, it’s very frustrating. Knowing what is happening helps a lot, although it looks like we might have been able to catch this earlier and my main doctor didn’t- this is why I have a specialist.

The numbness and tingling in my hands still comes and goes. I was getting sloppy about my elbow pads and braces for a while- I have to remember that I only see improvement when I use them, and if I stop it will start again. I am having problems keeping the splints on at night when I sleep- they tend to slip, or I pull them off in my sleep. Sleeping with my wrist braces on would keep them in place, but then I’m not sure how well I would sleep. *sigh* Honestly, my only options at this point are surgery (which I feel would be overkill) or going back on the anti-inflammatories (which is not a guaranteed fix). Do any of you have cubital tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel? How do you treat it?

Did some yard work yesterday and boy am I achy today! I didn’t get it all done, but the bushes look MUCH better- and I only got one ant bite! (Found a new ant hill- again.)

Went for dim sum on Sunday with a group of friends- much fun and sooo delicious! Of course, most of the options are pork or shrimp, so I ate a lot of shrimp, heh. I even tried two new things! Sadly, one was calamari with some sort of seasoning that triggered my garlic allergy- I had one bite and spit it out (embarrassing) so the reaction wasn’t too bad. That’s the risk of trying new things. It was too bad, because I’m very picky about calamari and it tasted like they had it just right- it was just the seasoning that I couldn’t handle. Sad.

They were planning to induce my friend last night- I’ll call later and find out how things went. Yay, baby!

So, yeah, that’s pretty much everything. It looks like I found an occasional crafting group through co-workers which will be a lot of fun- I need to get on some of these projects if I want to make holiday gifts. Darn, guess I need to hit a craft store, soon! Shucks.  ;}

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