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Arthritis BINGO

It is still hot and humid in my home state, and I am greatly looking forward to November actually feeling like November eventually… maybe in time for Thanksgiving? There have been some weather fluctuations and one or two nights I needed an extra blanket… we even got to open the windows for a couple hours one morning! Unfortunately, as much as I’m looking forward to cool, dry weather my joints are already complaining about the changes.

My right wrist is a fairly constant issue now, and I’m wearing a splint at least three days a week. The first joint of both index fingers have been cranking up as well, and today I finally admitted my right ankle needed extra support and broke out my ankle¬†splint as well. (In good news, I forgot how comfortable that splint is, I can wear it with my regular shoes, and my ankle feels so much better with the light pressure and support.) Add in my left hip (which is a fairly constant ache now) and I could almost win at “Arthritis BINGO”.



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Difficult Days

Sometimes even the best intentions can backfire on you.

I left work a little early for my GI appointment. Got to the building just fine only to realize that I went to the wrong doctor’s office. Called to let them know I was on the way and got on the right road… going in the wrong direction. Add in rain, schools getting out, and a budding panic attack and I finally got to the right office. They had already written me off as a loss. Thankfully, I can see the doc after the other patients who were on time. I’m so grateful and waiting is the least penance as far as I’m concerned. I just didn’t want to have to reschedule- I’m really hoping for a diagnosis or at least a med/diet change to get things under better control. If they said no I’d probably have found a restroom and just cried.

It has not been one of my better days.

We also had a family member rushed to the hospital Saturday. He is home as of last night, but things have been very anxious all-around. It is not shaping up to be a great week. I’ll update when I have news from the GI.

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I have found an appropriate age-range Boy Scout troop to which I’ll donate my general craft supplies (felt pipe cleaners, various funky shaped confetti, glass pebbles and other oddments), and the surplus yarn will go to a friend who makes hats for a food bank in Chicago. I still daydream about knitting something with the luxurious red yarn I have, but after a few false starts I have to admit that knitting may just not be for me (even with the knitting loom).

I’m also working on my office a bit as well. Old meeting notes from five years ago for a software we no longer use? Outdated industry journal articles? To the recycle bin they go! (Not to mention 40,000 fast-food napkins stuck in a file drawer and offshoots from a Very Prolific Office Plant that have been growing in a water bottle since I moved into this office a year ago.)

Of course, all this sorting and cleaning has some negatives- such as discovering just how many dead cockroaches there are under my office desk (Death Toll: 3 and counting, ick). Plus, sorting beads means that, oops! I made a bracelet.

I have been trolling organization websites (I’m looking at you, Real Simple) and stumbled across the ice-cube-tray as earring organiser idea and am definitely going to do that. I have so much jewellery that I don’t use, and others that I wear over-and-over. The plan is to put what I wear in the tray and anything that I haven’t worn when the trays are full will be donated. I’m working on a similar approach to outgrown clothes (which is an even bigger issue than the jewellery). MIL was asking for organising bins for Mother’s Day, so we’re going to visit the organiser’s mecca, The Container Store, next weekend. Whee!

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Stomach Bug Central

One of the most frustrating things about having a compromised (and/or suppressed, depending on which medication I’m currently taking) immune system, is that other people don’t.

A handful of folks in the office are aware that I have an autoimmune disease. And like any office or school, anywhere, one person brings in a bug and it gets passed around for weeks. I was warned that there was a ‘flu going around and took more-than-usual precautions. Over the weekend I was hit by what I thought was a bad case of food poisoning, that kept me home from work Monday.

Came in on Tuesday to “Oh, it’s a stomach flu.”

More knowledge probably would not have spared me a miserable couple of days, but I could have treated it better if I knew what might be going on.

And now poor hubby caught it.

Also, my health maintenance plan yelled at me for losing four pounds in four days. I expect to regain some weight this week.

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Thoughts of the Day

(Disclaimer: don’t expect anything too deep here, folks)

Favourite salad from favourite salad place? Not quite as healthy as you’d think, but not too bad for a meal-and-a-half. Sandwich version of the same? “Yeah, I can’t exercise enough to make up for that without causing myself a heart attack.”

On the subject of exercise: if it makes me sweat, ache, and I do it in a measurable allotment of time it counts as exercise. However, 20 minutes of vacuuming and my knees hurt more than a treadmill session. What?!

Lovely spring weather today. Since it is Florida, we can expect summer to begin tomorrow.

Mourning doves, cardinals, and ducks at the bird feeder. Yes, I said ducks.

Oh, and this was my 700th blog post. Who knew?!

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The Good: I have my treadmill- yay! Used it two days in a row. I’m starting slow and walking one mile a day (about 20 minutes). Saturday I also did yardwork, which was probably a bit much since I had a charleyhorse in the wee hours this morning. I am doing my daily back stretches before getting on the treadmill- guess I need to give my hamstrings a little lovin’ too.

The Bad: Our elderly cat passed yesterday. He’d had a pretty bad day and we knew it was time. He rallied enough toward the end to eat a little and purr when we pet him. It was still heartbreaking though.

The Ugly: Hubby has had a nagging cough and a fever that spikes to 102. After fighting it for nearly a week I finally caught it. It’s really kind of amazing that I lasted this long. I am worried about the fever though- I can’t let it get that high (that’s an ER trip for sure). My natural body temp is pretty low (97.4) so 99 is a low-grade fever (which is where I am now). Crossing my fingers for luck. The is also the issue of us both being Very Sick at the same time. And did I mention that classes start tomorrow and it’s my second busiest week of the year at work? I suspect I’ll be skipping that tomorrow. Argh.

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Results also partly explain why the 2009 swine flu virus, and a vaccine against it, led to spikes in the sleep disorder.

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