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B*tchin’ Bifocals!

My new glasses were ready last week and I’ve been wearing them for a few days now. They’re progressives, so there’s no line in the lenses- if I don’t say that they’re bifocals there’s no way to tell. I’m adjusting to them pretty quickly- I had one day of headaches that may have been my eyes adjusting. I do have to get used to moving my head until I get the right focus; if I look at something out of the corner of my eye it appears blurry. I did catch myself peeking under the edge of my glasses, but I think it’s just a habit I’ll eventually break.

I am still smarting from the cost, though. My prescription isn’t cheap on a good day. Add in scratch-resistant lenses, anti-glare coating (necessary since I spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen), transitions for eye protection when I’m in direct sunlight (a nice feature since I live in a sunny clime and am light-sensitive), and now with the progressive prescription… it looks like my MRA card will cover it, but it means that I will max my card and the year isn’t half over yet. I’m also still waiting for test results, which is never fun. It feels like all my free time is dealing with medical paperwork lately.

I have to say I am SO happy to have these glasses, though. Wearing my old glasses for a week (I recycled my frames, which saved me a little) I forgot how bad they were. The prescription isn’t that far off, but both lenses were scratched and they aren’t transitions. They’ll go back to living in my car for emergencies, but hopefully I’ll never need to wear them again. The optometrist was really nice and set me up with a coupon (that I didn’t actually qualify for), and small rebate that I’ll put in the post tomorrow (less than 5% of the total cost). It is SO NICE to be able to read again, though!


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I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately.

Waiting for my medical reimbursement card to be reinstated. At least once a year there’s some sort of SNAFU that requires they put a hold on my card until it is sorted out. Since I have to FAX in my paperwork, occasionally it doesn’t go through. Once I knew what happened I re-faxed my paperwork, only for them to decline my claim. I then had to snail-mail a check to cover the balance. Of course, this happens just before a medical procedure and refilling my quarterly prescriptions, so I had to pay out-of-pocket and submit paperwork after the fact hoping that they’ll reimburse me. Thankfully, my card went live again in time for my prescriptions, but I’ll spend some time this afternoon filing the rest of the medical paperwork. *sigh*

Waiting for my new glasses. It’s really hard for me to read print right now, so I’ve been re-watching old M*A*S*H episodes in my down time. Hopefully I should get my bifocals this week. *crosses fingers*

Waiting for test results. See above medical procedure. A diagnosis is hanging on this, and I’d really like to have some idea where I’m going from here. Other prescriptions also hang on this dx. I’ll run out in two days and need to know if I need to request a refill or if they’re putting me on something else.

In good news, I successfully completed my online course and resulting in a certificate that will look good on my resume. I worked my butt off on this and I’m really proud of the results. I also feel more confident about continuing my education online and may look for another course in the fall.

I interviewed and have been accepted into a medical study for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis to assess how physical therapy can help address chronic pain. It starts in May and I’ll meet with a support group weekly. I’ll post when I have more details- there are some things I might not be able to share due to confidentiality.

Now that the course is over I have some creative writing on the back burner I’d like to catch up on, although most of my creative juices have gone into making a fun character for the role-playing game running at our house on Saturdays. Still, it’s a fun goal.  :}

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Oh Boy, Bifocals!

I met my new eye doctor yesterday. One of my medications comes with a risk of macular degeneration (in other words, I could lose my vision- fun, right?).

I was due for a checkup anyway; I’ve been peeking under my lenses for reading small type for a while now, and I noticed that I’m holding things further away. Sure enough, I’m getting my first pair of progressives and wow are they expensive!

In good news I can use my existing frames, which saves me a little, along with a coupon and a rebate. Once you factor in anti-scratch, no-glare and transitions (they darken in sunlight) it’s a big chunk of money. Unfortunately, I’m still sorting out an issue with my medical reimbursement, so this is all out-of-pocket and hopefully I’ll be reimbursed.

Eye exams are always fun; I am light sensitive and when my eyes dilate you can barely see the blue of my eye at all. I have wrap-around granny sunglasses that I can wear over my regular glasses so I can drive (thankfully it was overcast).

I should have my new lenses in a week or two and then it’ll be adjustment time. Whee!

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