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Monday, my hair was remarkably compliant. It laid down smoothly with a sassy part and was eminently chic.

Tuesday was a bit more on the humid side. I had a soft part which worked fine, but I had a bit of feathering on the ends. I can’t be bothered to use much product or dry/press my hair, but it looked intentional so I didn’t worry.

Wednesday, I had a full-out flip going- lovely, muggy Florida!

Despite my despair over fighting a losing battle with the humidity, I am extremely pleased with how my hair is growing out. I am (trying to) train my fringe to stay out of my eyes, and I have decided that I am going to start colouring my hair redder again. I had stopped for a while because colouring my hair is such a bother, it’s not healthy, and so on. However, to get my ends to match my roots, I have been (wait for it…) *dyeing my hair to match my natural colour*.

I’ll give you a moment to savour the irony of that statement.

I have three options at this point- keep dyeing my hair its own colour until I can snip off the ends, cut my hair to about 2-3″ and grow it all out natural (and restart growing out my hair ALL OVER again), or just say screw it- if I’m dyeing my hair anyway why not have it a fun colour?

Clearly, I have chosen option #3.

The main question is how patient can I be until I dye my hair? (Answer: not very)

And, because I keep saying that I will do it and never do, here is a current pic (hair flip and all!). I must say, looking at this pic- there’s nothing like sitting in front of a computer for that glassy stare and monitor-light pallor. And, gosh, I have a lot of freckles! I can usually ignore them but- sheesh. I sort of want to start using light makeup again- I’m just so darn lazy. Oh, and this was taken in our new office. The rope lights are pretty much our signature decoration.


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