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Meandering Monday

The weekend took a sudden downturn with some unexpected digestive unhappiness that kicked in around 4 am on Saturday morning and is still lingering. I thought it was just my insides doing something slightly different until I found out from a coworker Sunday that it’s running around the offices. Lovely. I am slightly relieved however, because my insides have been pretty good for the last few weeks and I would have been very sad to go back to the stress-belly problems I was having. I am doing somewhat better today, but being very careful of what I eat. Easy way to lose a couple pounds quickly, but I do NOT recommend the process.

Speaking of what I eat, today is my first day back to replacing chai with green tea. This makes me quite sad, since I greatly love chai. However, chai is procured at The-Coffee-Shop-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, which also possesses a delightful bakery display. I have managed to convince myself that I do not want 90% of what is presented in said bakery case. However, if they do happen to have the 10% that I adore (ultimate chocolate brownies or dutch chocolate chunk cookies- yes, I am a slave to chocolate) then I am apparently unable to not purchase one. See aforementioned extra pounds.

So, the only way to remove temptation is to NOT ENTER THE COFFEE SHOP. This is moderately ridiculous, since chai is one of my few safe sources of a full serving of dairy (non-fat), but I just don’t have the willpower to walk past the chocolate-y goodness untainted. After having spent the majority of the last 36 hours in the bathroom, it is added incentive to just use the electric kettle in my office and brew my own green tea with honey. Hopefully this resolve will persist.

I am also *gasp!* contemplating exchanging my daily Can of Concentrated Caffeine (a.k.a. Mountain Dew) for a calorie-free alternative. I only have one soda a day, but it should be a fairly small, easy change that would be better for me in the long run. Unfortunately, Diet Mountain Dew tastes like the inside of my shoes (should I ever be so foolish to actually drink out of one). Surprisingly, Coke Zero may be a reasonable alternative, despite the fact that I normally don’t care for caramel sodas. Working in its favour is the fact that it does not taste like diet anything, so I will give it a try. Now I just need to purchase some.

In other news:

  • I am wearing a skirt today! Rawr!
  • I bought falafel mix and I plan to make myself some as soon as my insides are happier. I don’t know why I have been craving it lately, but I will be very happy to nom it soon.
  • We primed half the headboard this weekend! Hopefully we will finish today or tomorrow, and then begin painting.
  • I am working on a puzzle. Very slowly, but puzzling always makes me happy.
  • I am re-reading some classic Anne Rice and remembering what I liked about her writing 20 years ago before it became oversaturated. Apparently, I can only read anything of hers once a decade, however, or else I lose appreciation.
  • We made a yummy chicken stirfry over the weekend. I added extra ground ginger to mine, since that is one of the spices that supposedly helps fight inflammation. Since I like it and already have it in the spice cabinet, I will try using it more often and see what occurs. I am sad that several healthy/anti-inflammatory foods are things that I am allergic to, such as garlic.
  • Speaking of garlic, I forgot my medic-alert bracelet today. My wrist feels bare without it.
  • And I dreamed about bunnies last night. Bunnies! Here, have a bunny-in-a-teacup:

Image from We Heart It


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