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Conquering My Compulsions

I don’t write about my OCD much- it’s fairly mild and mostly controlled, but I still have my moments. I’ve started packing up the holiday decorations, trying to get them consolidated and organised (I found a bag of white lights that had gotten separated- maybe I’ll use them on the shrubs next year?). Included are some blue lights given to me by a friend. I plugged them to check, and all three strings were partially out. I started juggling bulbs to figure out whether I could get at least one string working…

I won’t say how much later I came up for air.

I had to admit to myself that if I invested a lot might time I *might* save one strand, and we don’t even use blue lights anyway, so I bagged it all up and trashed it. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do- to stop a compulsion cold. I actually feel a little sick. I’ll start working on something else to help distract myself, but I’m really proud that I realised what I was doing and stopped myself. I could easily have still been working on those bulbs when hubby got home from work. It’s just one of those things.

Of course, now I’m afraid to check whether the strings of white lights work or not.


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OCD Humour

(This makes me laugh EVERY TIME!)

In other news, felt like staying up late last night so I read until eleven. About 4:15 neighbour’s party got rowdy. Put in earplugs. Dreamt they were partying on our front porch (we don’t have one) and left lots of broken glass. Brother was partying with them and I was PO’d. Woke up an hour later to fireworks, despite earplugs. They ran out and I started to drop back off. Cue Needy Cat Chorus and Stuffy, Snoring Husband. I finally tried to escape to the livingroom couch to no avail. So, five hours of good sleep and four hours of broken. I am cranky. And stiff. Sigh. (Still better than our old neighbours though!)

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You’ve probably been here. You have a prescription. It’s good for x number of months. At the end of that time you meet with the doctor again, and he refills the prescription. You truck on over to your local neighbourhood pharmacy (or have the doctor fax the prescription). The pharmacy fills the prescription, and you’re good for the next x number of months. Lather, rinse, repeat. Sounds easy, right?

Why, oh why, can’t it actually work that way?!

I have a good relationship with my pharmacy. Over the years we’ve had to work out a few kinks, but most of the time things run smoothly. Throw a new doctor or prescription into the mix, however, and there’s always a visit from the cock-up fairy until they get used to the change. In this case, there was a minor issue in that neither I nor my doctor caught onto the math.

You see, my prescription was good for 60 days. Two months, right? Well, not in September and October according to that little rhyme we all learned in school but never remember until you’re staring into an empty bottle and can’t get a script and you don’t see your doctor for another two days and apparently the pharmacy is so very busy that they can’t send a fax to your doctor even though you called them days ago and, and, and…


Well, it could certainly have been worse- if this happened with my thyroid medication I would be in bad shape by now, but I’ve discovered that I am hypersensitive when it comes to my medications. Some of it is my mild OCD- you screw with my schedule and I go a little ballistic (mostly internally- I’m too polite to show more than Mild Frustration with maybe some Vague Disappointment thrown in for good measure. I like the pharmacy staff far too much and people give them a terrible time already. Besides, I see them four times a month, I don’t want to be labelled as “THAT woman”.)

But I digress. Extensively.

It’s just that when you rely on medications for your daily wellness, anything that interferes with that schedule is Compromising Your Health. My autoimmune system does a good enough job of that on its own, thanksverymuch- I really don’t need any outside help.


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