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I found it!

I think I’m making up for not posting as regularly while house-drama occurs. I finally located the American Chronic Pain Association‘s Quality of Life Scale. I was smart and downloaded the document, then lost it and and couldn’t remember the organization’s name. Yay, brain fog! But finally I managed to find it, and am posting it here for posterity and your perusal. I have inverted the order, because that is the way I read things, but you should be able to find the original document on their website.

10 – Normal Quality of Life
Go to work/volunteer each day. Normal daily activities each day. Have a social life outside of work. Take an active part in family life.

Work/volunteer/be active eight hours daily. Take part in family life. Outside social activities limited.

Work/volunteer for at least six hours daily. Have energy to make plans for one evening social activity during the week. Active on weekends.

Work/volunteer for a few hours daily. Can be active at least five hours a day. Can make plans to do simple activities on weekends.

Work/volunteer limited hours. Take part in limited social activities on weekends.

Struggle but fulfill daily home responsibilities. No outside activity. Not able to work/volunteer.

Do simple chores around the house. Minimal activities outside of home two days a week.

Get dressed in the morning. Minimal activities at home. Contact with friends via phone, email.

Get out of bed but don’t get dressed. Stay at home all day.

Stay in bed at least half the day. Have no contact with outside world.

0 – Non-Functioning
Stay in bed all day. Feel hopeless and helpless about life.

Clearly, this is an approximate scale and should be adapted individually, but I think it will be a useful to give to my doctors. I find myself anywhere between a 9 and a 7 most days. I find that I can: a) work a full day AND either b) do housework OR c) exercise. I cannot do all three (except in very rare circumstances) and often can only achieve one of those options. Having what is primarily a desk job gives me a little extra leeway, but anything extracurricular on a worknight is extremely rare (maybe dinner out on the way home from work) and weekend activities are pretty limited.

There are definitely days when my work output is probably closer to six hours than eight, but I try to go into work early (since I function a bit better in the mornings) so I produce the same amount of work over a wider timeframe. Lately, I have missed at least one day of work a week to illness and doctor appointments (and now house stuff). That’s not a great track record, but I also have 15 vacation days that I haven’t touched, so I can spend those judiciously as needed. It’s all a delicate juggling act, and for the most part I think that I succeed at productivity, even if my pace isn’t what I’d like it to be.


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