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I’m so relieved- my latest liver panel came back normal! It was definitely the cholesterol med that was stressing out my liver. I still need to deal with the high cholesterol, but I really didn’t need liver disease and/or failure on top of everything else right now. My rheumatoid meds put me at high risk, which is why I don’t drink alcohol- it’s just not worth the risk.

I am officially up to four doctor appointments next week to match the four this week. I let hubby hear my crinkly knee and I now have a doctor appointment. I had picked up a knee wrap from the pharmacy but it barely fits and doesn’t restrict my knee movement at all. It still doesn’t hurt and I don’t feel anything, but I’m starting to hear it going up stairs at well. This is the same knee I messed up in high school, but I’m sure all the limping from the plantar fasciitis in my left foot has contributed.

In other news, I still can’t find my FitBit Alta. I took it off for the shower and Scout stole it and I can’t figure out where he hid it for the life of me. At this rate I suspect it’ll turn up whenever we move  next.  :\ It’s a good thing he’s so darn cute.


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I saw the podiatrist and it looks like my plantar fasciitis is totally cleared up. The spiral fracture is healing, and he showed me a different way to tie my sneaker so it will put less pressure on the break (I wish he had showed me that sooner). Oh, and walking barefoot is bad which is… something I do a lot. I don’t know that I can commit myself to a 50$ pair of fancy (and ugly) “recovery” flip-flops to wear in the house. I probably will eventually, but hopefully I can find a sale or something. The tendon in my heel is getting better, and I only need to wear my night splint 2-3 nights a week now. Yay! I do have to keep up with my icing and topical treatment, which I am not as religious about as I should be. Argh.

Wednesday night about 6:30 I started getting a frighteningly familiar pain in my side. I checked the pharmacy hours and ran out to fill the pain prescription the hospital gave me. Sure enough, it was another kidney stone. Thankfully, I did not start throwing up this time (which would have landed me back in the hospital), and I was able to doze fitfully between cramps until it passed around 3 am. I slept in the next day, but I did manage to work four days that week, which is probably the most I’ve managed in over a month. If you factor in all my doctor appointments and lab tests I’ll be short a day this week and next as well.

Saturday night I fell asleep with a headache and woke up with it still in the morning. I fought a migraine most of the day until I gave in and took the prescription med for it. I really dislike the nerve buzzing I get from it, but it kept things down to a dull roar when our friends came over with their 2-year old. I hadn’t seen them in weeks and really didn’t want to reschedule again or have to hole up in my room and not socailize.

Oh, and I have a cold. And menstrual cramps, which is just adding insult to injury, really.

Mostly, I am badly fatigued. I’d like to blame it on cutting out all sodas but it’s not caffeine withdrawal. I’m worried it might be related to my liver issues. I get my follow-up bloodwork done on that today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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I haven’t updated here in a very long time, mostly because no news is (usually) good news.

The other option is when I’m hit by one thing after another and it takes a while to get to a place where I can actually look back and summarize what’s going on.

Sadly, recently it’s been the second option.

Let’s start with plantar fasciitis. (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong in my Categories tag- I’ll fix it… eventually.) A few months ago (? six? I honestly don’t remember how long this has been going on) I started having severe pain in my left foot that made it difficult to walk. Since starting with a podiatrist I have stretched, iced, medicated, gelled, electro-therapied, splinted, spent way too much on increasingly specialized sneakers, inserted and padded my foot. This has gotten me to be mostly mobile but with possible Achilles tendon issues and a stress fracture in my foot. (Remember the Year of Foot Fractures? Sadly, I do.) In all, I am better than I was, but not being able to walk reliably has led to weight gain that I really don’t need. I am progressing, just very slowly.

Hurricane Irma. That worked out much better than expected, with my pharmacies being very proactive in making sure I had enough meds until things were back to normal (apparently they learned some painful lessons with Harvey that they didn’t want to repeat). I am deeply grateful for this. The aftermath was hot, muggy, and I chopped off my hair. We had water but cold showers could only do so much and my hair. Just. Didn’t. Dry. A minor injury on my spouse’s part kept me very busy and I was pretty exhausted by the end of it all, despite work being closed for a week.

My rheumatoid is doing well. Sadly, my liver is acting up. My biologic medication can impact my liver. Tests are ongoing. I am already off my cholesterol meds and have blood work scheduled next week so wish me luck.

And hey! A hospital visit! I went from “Hmm- maybe that sushi I had for lunch was off” to “oh crap- is that my appendix?” within 20 minutes last Thursday. There was a LOT of throwing up, which is one of my least favorite things to do. My throat was wrecked for days from it all. I ended up with an ambulance ride to the hospital for what turned out to be a kidney stone! Fantastic! I ended up only being there around 8 hours and the stone passed on its own. I only picked up a mild respiratory cold while I was there, and was singularly unimpressed with morphine’s lack of impact on kidney stone pain. They were going to keep me in observation overnight when the pain suddenly stopped (I thought they had finally put me on The Good Drugs, but no).  I have to agree with most folks who have experienced a kidney stone- this is probably the new “10” on my pain scale. I continue to be pissed as hell at how tiny the stone actually is (3 mm. Yep- I have it. Going to see a Urologist next week. Whee!)

I… could say a lot more about my whole experience. The EMT who couldn’t get my vein because it kept rolling- I forgive you even if it meant blood running down my arm and terrible bruising, but dang I could have lived without that on top of everything else. I am wearing long sleeves while it heals- the bruising for my IV is already gone. Overall, for an unexpected admission I did pretty well. Hubby was fantastic and grabbed my medical emergency sheet and stack of prescriptions, which was useful. Mostly it was a lot of waiting. Hopefully, I just need to drink  more water *crosses fingers* because there are more stones in there and I VERY much want to never go through that again. I was just grateful that it waited until I was back from the rural mountains of New Hampshire or that would have been a much, much worse experience.

And then there’s the fact that my right knee sounds like crinkling cellophane when I walk down stairs. I don’t even have an appointment for that yet since there’s no pain and I’m pretty sure they’re just going to tell me it’s arthritis. I’m dealing with one crisis at a time here.

In good news a cold front came through so we have cool, dry weather and I got to wear one of my sweaters today- yay! And I am forever grateful for my insurance- we are still covering hubby’s medical bills from his ambulance ride and hospital visit for a sliced finger (the night before Irma hit no less. We waved at his room as we left the hospital after my stay). Overall I am- tired. And my stomach is easily made unhappy, but I am much, much better and dealing.

Oh! And no allergy shot for me this week- I picked up four fire ant bites over the weekend. Thankfully, this is my last vial- once I use it up no more allergy shots! It only took five years!

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