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New Adaptive Tricks

So I haven’t written about adaptations in a while. For the most part, I’m doing really well so I haven’t had to make a lot of changes. I finally succeeded at slip-on shoes nice enough for work that don’t hurt my feet (too much- still breaking them in), my electric toothbrush is the bomb, and my new wireless mouse is proving to be way more of a positive change than I expected.

One thing I have started doing is putting my pills in a little cup when I take them. I was getting really, really frustrated at dropping tiny pills. I take pills four times a day, and I take a lot of them. My 5 am pill is not problem, but the 3-6 at breakfast were getting dropped. Every. Day. Putting the pills into one of the little cough syrup cups and then knocking that back with juice has been a huge help. I do this at dinner at well (another 6-8). At lunch I take 8 and have not figured out a portable way to do this yet- I’m still working on that.

Have I mentioned how very, very much I want to cut back on the number of pills I take? 3/4 are vitamins and supplements- it’s crazy! And yet they work, so the only way that I can stop is if I don’t need them any more. Grf. But I digress.


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