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Things I Love About Florida

So, after record heat yesterday a huge thunderstorm moved through and cooled things off. It was still muggy, but hubby and I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood anyway. We were only out for about 20 minutes but were treated to a gorgeous rainbow and sunset (thanks volcano ash!). I am insufferably curious about our neighbours. Which houses are empty? Which ones are renters? How long have they lived here? Why did they choose to put *that* on their lawn? I wonder how much their blinds cost?  What do they do with all that space in the two-storey houses? (We have 1900 sq. ft. and it is three rooms more than we know what to do with. I am told that this will change, heh.)

Sadly, 20 minutes was about all either of us could handle, although it got us back inside before the mosquitoes came out in force. Poor hubby is sadly out of shape, and yesterday’s quiche made my insides quite unhappy. Then I woke up in the early hours this morning with incredibly painful hands, so I suspect that I may have aggravated them walking. We are trying to build exercise back up slowly, but right now I need 24-48 hours to recover from any unusual exertion, which is draining. I slipped on my arthritis gloves and eventually got back to sleep sometime after 5, but I am still extremely tired today.

One thing I really love about Florida, however, is the sky. There is so much more of it, and a lot more interesting things going on in it than I remember seeing up north. Here are a few sky pictures I have taken since moving down:

The clarity and richness of the blue of the sky continues to amaze me on an almost daily basis- I hope I never become inured to it. Unfortunately, the best skies are early morning and evening, when I am driving to and from work and can’t easily snap a pic.


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