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So, I was making a list of things that I like to do when I’m not at the most functional and thought that I would share. I’ll probably keep adding to this list as I think of more- please share your things to do also! I’m always looking for new ideas.

Support causes for free from my computer:

Play computer games:

  • Play free online flash games at Dead Whale (there are tonnes of free games out there- this one just happens to have a few of my favourites)
  • World of Warcraft: As much fun for socializing online with friends as for the gameplay (we use headsets and mikes so we can talk in real time while we play). It’s also neat to know that I can run for hours in the game when I have trouble walking across the room, heh.
  • Windows games: I picked up a mah jongg game for cheap and enjoy playing that when I just want to space out for a bit.

Visit feel-good websites:

  • Funny Cats
  • Cute Overload
  • The Customer is Not Always Right – I work in customer service and this site helps me maintain my sanity some days
  • Web comics – I read about 50 of these, so I’m not about to list them, sorry
  • Surf the ChronicBabe forums
  • Visit my favorite blogs

Away from the computer:

  • Pet and brush the cats- they love this and it makes me feel better too!
  • Get lost in a book.
  • Watch an animated movie, especially anything Pixar (usually with a cat on my lap!)
  • Watch old MASH episodes – these always make me feel good.
  • Go for a walk. The local pharmacy is close enough if I feel up to it, and then I can pick up prescriptions if needed or get a treat. There is also a Starbucks along the way- it’s just terrible.¬† ;}

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