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So, I’m rather put-out with my hands right now. With the recent damp I have been getting much more swelling in my hands than usual, especially first thing in the morning. I didn’t realise just how much, however, until a ring that just barely fit my finger in the morning slipped off my hand and flew across the room later in the afternoon. My wedding ring is an unusual shape, and luckily is not as affected by daily fluctuation, but it is pretty much impossible to wear any other ring. (And if I wear my arthritis gloves I can’t wear any rings at all since I don’t want to stretch the gloves overmuch.)

This makes me a bit sad, and also explains some other jewellery shenanigans that have been going on. I don’t wear many bracelets, since my medical bracelet has pride-of-place on my left wrist, but have long been a fan of the stretchy sort so that I don’t have to fiddle with clasps. When two elastic bracelets snapped in close succession I thought it was just flimsy material, but now I think it may have been exacerbated by stretching bracelets over swollen hands. This is annoying to say the least, not only because I have to wait for a moderately good day in order to re-string the bracelets, but if my swollen hands are the cause then it will most likely become a much more common occurrence. Not. Pleased.

In the meantime, I still need to set aside time to go through and add the larger, lobster-claw clasps to my existing necklaces so they’re easier to put on in the morning. I do not wear makeup, so I use jewellery to finish off my work outfits- I like to wear jewellery and don’t do it half as much as I used to.

And we won’t discuss the trauma of attempting three pair of earrings with fumblehands, now will we?


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